Officer Candidate Class 4-64 

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OCS Class 4-64 42nd Reunion

Pre-paid attendees:

(as of 05 Feb 2006)

Classmate:                                        Spouse/Companion:

Charles Donald Adams                        Lee M. Adams

Richard J. Bracken                              Sandra Watson

Richard R. Chandler                            Althea Chandler

Glenn E. McGill                                    Martha McGill

John Schade

George H. Wilkins                                Donna Wilkins

Edwin R. Ruff                                       Leigh Ruff

Ronald E. Ray                                     Camelia

William R. Moat                                   Lynda

Arthur Carter                                       Cynthia

John F. Reynolds                                Janie

Harry H. McWilliams III                        TBD

MILTON H FARR                                Gloria

Sam Sneed                                         Pat

Sherman Williford

William Volkman

Samuel Slaughter

Ron Sommer                                      Joyce

Clyde Hennies

Albert Stewart                                    Jacqueline

Tomas Sobocinski                             Karen Wright

Louis Pincock

Jerry Kleinsmith                                 Ann

Charles Shepherd                             Arlene

Larry Hjorth                                       Betty

Robert Harmon                                  ("Yes")

John Schmidlin  (donated $ but will not attend) Many Thanks!

The ball is rolling so please put this event on your MUST DO list.

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