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                                                                                                                           OCS CLASS 4-64 NEWSLETTER

                                                                                            Gene Rutland

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No. 01-17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       11 Apr 17                  

 NEWS LETTER UPDATE:  My humble apologies to all my fellow classmates for I have been behind in publishing our class newsletter.  Seems likes many things have gotten in the way since our last class reunion, including at least two deaths and some serious illnesses.

 Ailing Classmates: Several of our fellow classmates and/or their spouse are battling various illnesses and were not able to attend the 52nd reunion.  Our numbers continue to dwindle as we have lost 10 classmates since our 50th reunion at Fort Benning in April 2014.  Both Roy Stewart and Dick Chandler have answered the last roll call in 2016.  However, there is some good news as George Wilkins has recovered from his most recent bout in the hospital and is now back home!  Please keep them all in your prayers!

 Please keep me posted as to any/all changes/events that may occur so that I might share with our entire class.  It would be helpful if some friend or family member would retain my email address/phone number and keep me posted in order that I might inform our fellow classmates and update our website. Thanks in advance! (956) 433-7178

 LEST WE FORGET - TAPS.  Candidates Charles D. Adams, Larry D. Allgood, David R. Barnett, D. Page Bazler, Joseph A. Binelli, Angelo A. Canale, Richard C. Cauzza, Edward W. Cavanaugh Jr., Richard R. Chandler, Ronald J. Chellman, David R. Devers, Jack L. Edwards, Jeffrey H. Ehrhart, Richard A. Fougeron, Henry F. Franklin, Edwin M. Frazier, James A. Gardner, Joseph X. Grant, Anthony B. Hicks, Fred C. Hite, Jerry L. Isler, Melvin D. Jones, Charles H. Keller, Kenneth F. Kubasik, George Lamonte, Eugene P. Loughran, Harry H. McWilliams II, Fred L. Meyers, Jr., Thomas M. Naylon, Gary W. Offineer, George B. Pearson III, Stuart J. Perkins, Jerald F. Pittenger, Alfred H. Roberts, Marion M. Robinson, Charles W. Rowell, Edwin R. Ruff, John F. Sanford, Clifford W. Schneeman Jr., John H. Schade, Milton C. Sikes Jr., Paul E. Skoglund, Ronald R. Sommer, Clifford M. Straughter, Albert Roy Stewart, Robert K. Tyson, William S. Vogel, Hugh W. Wellons, Lloyd L. Young Jr., Tactical Officer James W. Bennett Jr. and 1SG Jessie L. Hobbs have Answered the Last Roll Call.  Rest in Peace faithful classmates and comrades.  

 A Formal Military Honor Ceremony Planned for Dick Chandler.  Dick was cremated after his passing last year.  The family and his military associates in Idaho want to conduct an honor ceremony in his behalf however, due to the extreme winters in that area, the decision was made to postpone the event until 20 May 2017.  Attached is the obituary followed by details of the planned ceremony.  A listing of local accommodations and travel suggestions are also included for those classmates planning to attend.



The Military Service is scheduled for 1000 hours, 20 May 2017, on the corner of Capital Avenue and Spruce Street, in Mackay Idaho.  The American Legion is providing a dinner following the ceremony.

 Air Travel:   Best travel route is to fly to Salt Lake City, UT, rent a car and drive to Mackay, Idaho (not a very large town).  Below are local accommodations:  The ceremony is on Saturday therefore travel is recommended to arrive on Friday and Depart on Sunday/Monday.  Rodney Chandler (Dick’s son) indicates these hotels do become full quite early in the season..

 Hotels—RV Parks—Campgrounds  Arco Inn—540 W Grand Ave Arco ID 1-208-527-3100 DK Motel—316 S Front St. Arco ID 1-208-527-8282 Lost River Motel—405 Highway Dr. Arco ID 1-208-578-0600 The Bear Bottom Inn—412 E Spruce St Mackay ID 1-208-588-2483 Wagon Wheel Motel & RV—800 W. Custer Road Mackay ID 1-208-588-3331 Mackay Homestay Bed & Breakfast—4215 N US Hwy 93 Mackay ID 1-208-589-4114 Mountain View RV Park—705 W. Grand Ave Arco ID 1-208-527-3707 Arco KOA (Honey’s Park)—2424 N 3000 W Arco ID 1-208-527-8513 Lava Flow Campground—Loop Road Arco ID 1-208-527-1335 Moose Crossing RV Park—3798 US-98 Moore ID 1-208-588-2994 White Knob Motel and RV Park—4255 N US Hwy 93 Mackay ID 1-208-588-2622

 Restaurants  Taqueria La Costa—450 W Grand Ave Arco ID 1-208-220-4953 Pickle’s Place—440 S Front St Arco ID 1-208-527-9944 Number Hill Grill—242 S Front St Arco ID 1-208-527-8224 Sawtooth Club –156 W Grand Ave Arco ID 1-208-527-3003 Lost River Drive In—520 W Grand Ave Arco ID 1-208-527-3158 Sammy’s Kitchen—318 E Custer St. Mackay ID 1-208-588-7492 Ken’s Club—302 S Main St Mackay ID 1-208-588-9983 Mi Nest Café—3167 N 3350 W Moore ID 1-208-554-2634 Deli Sandwich Shop—119 N Idaho St Arco ID 1-208-527-3757 Golden West Café—2431 Highway Drive Arco ID 1-208-527-8851 Amy Lou’s Steakhouse—499 W Custer St Mackay ID 1-208-588-9903 Garden Patch Pizza—4243 N US Hwy 93 Mackay ID 1-208-588-2621 The Mello Dee Club Steakhouse—201 Sunset Dr Arco ID 1-208-527-3125

 Entertainment:  Four Winds Bar—2294 9th St Arco ID 1-208-527-3300 Sports Stop—402 W Custer Rd Mackay ID 1-208-588-2513 The Mello Dee Club Bar and Steakhouse—201 Sunset Dr. Arco ID 1-208-527-3125 Perk’s Bar—210 S Main St Mackay ID 1-208-588-9906 Arco Village Club—659 W Grand Ave Arco ID 1-208-527-3002


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