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Following are a few comments which were sent in reply to our 2008 Reunion/Cruise:

"When the rest of the troops see we're coming . . . they'll probably start a stampede to sign up" (Dave Barnett)

 "I think this type of reunion event is way overdue for this group.  See you 'on deck' "

 "Count me in.  That is a top drawer idea."

Gene, cruise sounds like a good idea, what might the destination be?"

Hell yes!! If I'm still kicking I'll be there.  Pease keep the information coming."

"Wow. What a great idea. I think we could have a grand time."

"I think your idea of a cruise is great!  Sign me up for two tickets.

"I got off dead center and made our cruise reservations. 

"You always were a silver tongued devil.  Here is my reservation number per your instructions."

"Man, I am really looking forward to the cruise! "

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