Officer Candidate Class 4-64 


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Below is a listing of those who actually attended:

(as of 20 April 2014)

1st Platoon:


Hotel Reservation:

Paid Deposit:

MG Lou Hennies, TAC                            Yes                                                                         Paid

Arthur L. Carter (Cynthia)                       Yes                                                                         Paid

Dick Chandler                                           Yes                                                                          Paid

2nd Platoon:


Hotel Reservation:

Paid Deposit:

Milton H. "Hank" Farr (Gloria)                  Yes                                                                        Paid

Earl Flock (Vickie)                                       Yes                                                                        Paid

Robert C. Hale (Char)                                 Yes                                                                        Paid

3rd Platoon:


Hotel Reservation:

Paid Deposit:

"Iron" Mike Moran, TAC (Madge)               Yes                                                                      Paid

Larry Hjorth (Betty)                                       Yes                                                                       Paid

Ray Kauffman    (Lise)                                 Yes                                                                       Paid

Charles Kierce (Estella)                               Yes                                                                       Paid

Philip Klein (Susan)                                       Yes                                                                       Paid

Norman H. Larkee (Regina)                          Yes                                                                      Paid

George J. Lordi (Virginia)                               Yes                                                                     Paid

4th Platoon:


Hotel Reservation:

Paid Deposit:

Glenn McGill (Martha)                                  Yes                                                                         Paid

Bill Moat (Pat Potter)                                     Yes                                                                        Paid

Louis Pincock (Lynda)                                  Yes                                                                       Paid

John Prokopowicz (Joella)                          Yes                                                                       Paid

Ron Ray                                                             Yes                                                                       Paid

John Reynolds (Janie)                                  Yes                                                                       Paid

Dennis Ring                                                      Yes                                                                      Paid

Arthur Roth (Betsy)                                          Yes                                                                     Paid

5th Platoon:


Hotel Reservation:

Paid Deposit:

Gene Rutland (JoAnn)                                     Yes                                                                     Paid

Wayne Schwartz (Cindy)                                Yes                                                                     Paid

Charles Shepherd (Elonka Specter)             Yes                                                                    Paid

Ron Sommer (Joyce)                                          Yes                                                                   Paid

William Volkman (Dorothy & Daniel)               Yes                                                                   Paid

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