Officer Candidate Class 4-64 

5th Platoon      

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Current Mug Shots:

2LT Bryant S. Sneed, III RIP

Tactical Officer, 5th Platoon

Rutland 2003.jpg (103666 bytes) <Jackie E. "Gene" Rutland    <Edwin R. Ruff RIP

Skoglund.jpg (778549 bytes)<Paul E. Skoglund RIP    <John H. Schade. RIP

 <Wayne E. Schwartz. 

  <Charles L. Shepherd

Ron Sommer.jpg (79384 bytes)<Ronald R. Sommer. RIP

<Samuel R. Slaughter.    BillVolkmanSR_med.jpg (148272 bytes)<William E. Volkman. RIP

<Thomas Sobocinski.    <Sherman H. Williford.

Geo Wilkins.jpg (152863 bytes)<George H. Wilkins, III. RIP

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