Officer Candidate Class 4-64 

4th Platoon      

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Current Mug Shots:

John A. Schmidlin,

Tactical Officer, 4th Platoon

Ed Mcgill.jpg (40030 bytes)<Glen E. "Ed" McGill    <Dennis M. Ring

Tom Naylon.jpg (71127 bytes)<Thomas M. Naylon  RIP       Charles Rowell.jpg (40027 bytes)<Charles W. Rowell RIP

Art Roth 01.jpg (75634 bytes)    Art Roth 02.jpg (78613 bytes)    Art Roth 03.jpg (102657 bytes)<Arthur O. Roth, et al

<William R. Moat    <John H. Prokopowicz

<John Reynolds    <Louis B. Pincock

    <Ronald E. Ray

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